At Tanti Baci Caffe, your well being and health is most important to us.  our Chefs are constantly working to find the best and healthiest ingredients to incorporate into our menu.    
in addition to our wide range of healthy choices on our menu, we also crafted a full Gluten Free, Allergy and Heart Friendly.    We also bake our very own gluten free bread that is also Soy, Corn, and Dairy Free.   
We craft Gluten Free, Dairy, Soy, Corn, and Sugar free Desserts, range from Chocolate cupcakes, to our Chocolate Coconut Gelato       Check us out at

​​​​For Reservations

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2 White Deer Plaza / Sparta / NJ 07871

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Tuesday-Thursday   4:00 - 9:30

​Friday & Saturday   4:00 - 10:30

Sunday & Monday  Reserved for private events

Gluten Free, Allergy and Heart Friendly Menu *

Home baked gluten free, dairy, egg, soy

and corn free bread (2 rolls).  2.5

Grilled fresh Atlantic salmon filet, topped with marinated tomatoes,

garlic and basil, served with steamed vegetables.  25

Grilled rosemary balsamic boneless chicken breast

with wilted arugula and steamed vegetables.  19

Seven marinated extra jumbo shrimp

served over wilted garlic spinach with a dash of olive oil.  19

Grilled Portobello mushrooms, and eggplant 

served over sauteed spinach balsamic glaze.  18

Home-Made wholewheat pasta with broccoli and garlic 

in vegetable reduction**.  17

Gluten free Pasta served in your choice of sauce.  (menu price)

Healthy Dessert

Heart healthy and waistline friendly coconut, chocolate gelato

(dairy, egg and sugar free and less than 150 Calories per serving)

Gluten free, home made low- sugar double chocolate cup cake,

served with vanilla and chocolate syrup.

Campari and grapefruit sorbet  

* In addition to this menu, most of our regular menu items may be prepared gluten free, please ask servers

**Wholewheat pasta is not gluten free